For many business owners, taking care of the bookkeeping is a headache. The good news is, it’s a headache that’s easily avoided.

The issue most business owners have with bookkeeping is that any errors are potentially costly whilst most business owners have other, often more urgent, responsibilities to deal with making bookkeeping an additional, and unnecessary burden.

At Target Accountants, based in Stoke, we understand exactly how bookkeeping can be a burden on your time that’ why we currently offer our clients a bespoke, affordable bookkeeping service regardless of the size of your business.

Invoices, statements and payments

Many of our clients choose the option of allowing our specialist bookkeeping team to manage all aspects of bookkeeping including invoices, banking, payment processing, and even to manage tax returns.

Our team are also experienced at managing VAT returns, KP1s and estimating tax liabilities. Not all these services will be relevant to your requirements, that’s why we prefer to create bespoke accounting packages.

For expert support with your accounts and tax compliance, or for any other important component of business administration that you feel you need support with, contact us at 01782 511566 or make an online enquiry to book your free consultation.

Welcome to Target Accountants in Stoke-on-Trent