Company Secretarial

There is much more to setting up a new company than simply registering a name and getting a few business cards printed. Do you know your responsibilities? Your rights? Your most advantageous tax strategies?

At Stoke’s leading Chartered Accountants, we can save you time, protect your finances and help you reap the maximum profits from your investment.

Company Formations

Our expert tax and accounting team can help with the formation of new companies – sometimes in as little as a day. We can assist with ready-made off-the-shelf companies, LLPs, tailor-made entities and offshore companies in low-tax jurisdictions.

Setting up a company can be a complicated business. New owners are often plagued with numerous doubts and questions. As experienced chartered accountants covering the whole of Staffordshire, and beyond, our company formations package includes advice on incorporation, appointing directors and company secretaries, issuing shares and registering offices.

Our specialists can also offer guidance on opening accounts, registering for VAT and corporation tax, PAYE schemes, book-keeping and business plans. Plus, of course, we offer you a full tax review to make sure you retain the maximum amount of revenue.

Company Secretarial

We offer comprehensive company secretary services, saving you the time and stress of this demanding role. We can submit your statutory documents, oversee share transfers and undertake company searches. We can even file your annual returns and provide reliable advice on all matters of company law.

Our company secretarial services allow you to focus on running your business without worrying about backroom necessities – all for a surprisingly low fee.


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