Payroll and PAYE services

There is more to paying your employees than simply making a bank transfer each month. Running a payroll is a large commitment  in terms of meeting the often complex PAYE obligations emposed on employers by the HRMC. You’re legally responsible for adhering to PAYE regulations, and inaccuracies can often be expensive.

At Stoke Chartered accountants, we have a team specialized in running your payroll system. We can take care of the whole PAYE process saving you time and ultimately money.

Our team are on hand to deal with employee payslips, monthly summaries, changes to payrolled staff as well as being able to support you in setting up automatic payments and completing your Construction Industry Returns

You should take advantage of our advice on tax-efficient remuneration, retirement and termination packages, as well as company vehicle policies.

We are always at the end of a phone, ready to help out, but our support can be particularly useful during year-end, a time often a little overwhelming for small businesses. This is a time notorius for making expensive mistakes that only get caught when it’s too late. the P35s, P60s, P14s, P11Ds and P9D. We can even come in and audit your PAYE, highlight any problems that might need resolving.

Would you like to discuss how we can help you in more detail? Please get in touch by calling on 01782 xxxxxx  or enquire online for a free consultation and fixed-fee quote.

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