Tax Disputes

It’s a concern for many businesses that they might find themselves in a dispute with the tax authorities. At Stoke Chartered Accountants we put our expertise at your disposal to ensure you receive the most favourable interpretation of tax legislation.


Regardless of the source for the dispute our team is in place to build the best possible case for you. Employment status, capital allowances, settlements legislation, IR35, tax valuations, trading activity, VAT segregation.

Tax Enquiries and Investigations

The best way to deal with investigations is to ensure that you have really clear lines of communication, both between us and the client AND in our communication with HMRC. We must ensure we do everything to make the process as transparent as possible, the penalties can be steep.

At Stoke Accountants we also provide offer our clients Anti -Investigation checks. Thanks to our in depth knowledge of HMRC regulations and procedures we are able to deliver our accounts to ensure they avoid the triggers in place that spark HMRC investigations.

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